One of Best Dominican T&T representative will be awaiting for you outside the airport terminal . As soon as you walk out, our representative, will be holding a sign identifying himself, directing you to our vehicles, for your transportation to the hotel.

If the immigration and baggage claim procedures are delayed, don’t worry, we will be informed of your delay and our drivers will await all the necessary time required.


The day of your arrival, we will monitor your flight , so we can assure you of your transportation. Do not worry if delays or other changes occur, we will be informed, and your transportation will be available upon arrival. If on the other hand, you changed flight or time, it require that you keep us inform, so we can make adjustments for your transportation.

First upon arrival you will be going through immigration where you will asked to present a tourist card, or purchase one upon entering if your are not given one prior on your flight. You have to complete a entrance form, continuing unto baggage claim. Once you claimed luggage, you proceed through immigration for passport verification, this procedures takes between 5 to 15 minutes depending on how long the line.

Our services are very reliable and very much 100% excellent services guaranteed.

Paypal is a very secure method of payment, it is very secure making your personal information secured.

You can pay with you credit card or cash upon your arrival to the Dominican Republic.

Our float of vehicles include Minivan Hyundai H1, this vehicle has a capacity for 6 passengers, including luggage, equipped with seat belts, and air condition. We also have Toyota Hiace, with capacity for 10 passengers and luggage. We also, have inventory of larger buses for larger groups.

We do have large buses, so please contact us for questions and request.

In order to reserve our services, you can make partially payments or full payments, through paypal. If you decide to make a partial payment, the existing balance should be paid in cash to our representative at the airport, you will receive a receipt of your payment once you make payment, as coordinated prior.

We accept payments, in cash also for your convenience, if this is your case please, inform us, and a initial payment will be required, and you will oipay the remaining balance upon arrival to our representative.

Cancelation policy is as follows, 48 hours before departure 100% refund, between 24 and 48 hours 50% refund. 24 hours to departure time NO refund apply.

Our company is located, directly in Dominican Republic, for your convenience, within minutes of the airport.

We offer diverse varieties of tours, we will gladly advise you on what types of tours are mostly suitable for you according to your preferences and necessities. Our tour packages are organized on a weekly basis and also daily.

For regular national flights, you should be at the airport 45 min. before departure time. Depending on reserve flights, we will email confirmation with any additional instructions.

Definitely, if your preference is not included on our packages, please email with your request at email address: with request and will gladly send you cost information with instructions on how to make your reservations.

You can obtain an estimate in our website in Contact Us section or through our email:

Online, when you reserve through our automated system, through paypal. Making initial payment and cash payment upon arrival.

Yes, we do provide safety seats for under 3 yrs. old free of charge. But we do suggest you, request it upon making reservations.

You will receive an email confirmation 24 hrs. With all details and instructions along with our contact information.

There could be a number of reasons why you have not received an email confirmation. For example, it could have gone to spam mail, if after looking for it, and you have not been able to locate it, you must contact us to reassure your reservation request was received.

Not, necessary, only if you desire to.

You have to contact our office to modify your reservation package, and make any additional necessary payments, due to change of number of people traveling.

Your schedule return pick up time, will be schedules according to the information of your specified flight.

For international flights pick up time, are programmed 2 hrs. / 30 min. prior to flight. We could change your pick up time, but Dominican Vacations is, not responsible for any consequences these changes may affect your departure.

All of our local airlines have local agencies. If your luggage is lost, you must go directly to baggage claim and fill out a necessary document. They will arrange for
Your baggage to be taken directly to your hotel, or if you prefer to make arrangements to pick it up, you may also do that directly with the airline.

We, are very punctual in providing excellent punctuality, in our transportation services, but if this is the case do not worry, he is should be close by , or at the airport, any delay could be related to traffic, or an accident. Contact us at the number provided in your reservation and we will fix any inconvenient this might present.

Contact us, with the detail of your transfer, to verify if it was located, but please make sure before existing the vehicles to verify that all personal belongings are with you.